Black Creativity Exhibition 2014: "Innovation"

"Forming to New"

Since 1970 the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago has hosted the juried art exhibition "Black Creativity", our nation’s longest-running exhibition of Black-American art. The exhibition is part of the Museum’s Black Creativity program, which showcases African-American achievement in a variety of scientific, artistic and technological fields.
 From January 22 to February 23, 2014  Black Creativity will present approximately 100 works of art created by African-American artists from across the U.S.  This year’s theme is “Innovation”.  Each artist can submit up to four pieces to the jury.  These are mine.  For the second time in three years, jurors selected one of my pieces.  Scroll down to see the accepted entry, "Forming to New". 

Innovation begins with a "Seed" of an idea, concept or design.

An innovator receives assistance from the watchful eyes of the collective unconscious

Alternate view of "Seed", bottom and side details.

"Forming to New" is on its way to Chicago!

"Forming to New". From the collective unconscious and stimuli, conversations, discussions and collaboration from outside sources the innovation process takes grander shape.

"Forming to New", alternate view and detail.

Finally, after a series of steps and stages the new comes into being.  "That Which Became New" side 1.

"That Which Became New", side 2.

Innovation, "The Triptych".

Innovation seems magical and mysterious.
One afternoon after school, I talked with another mother as we watched our children on the playground.  To this long-time friend I asked, "What images, colors come to your mind when you think of innovation?"  This fourth entry, "Mystical, Mysterious Magic"  evolved based on that conversation.  Thanks Ivon!

"Mystical, Mysterious Magic", side 1. Transferred image by Rev. Carlos W. Anderson

"Mystical, Mysterious Magic", side 2.