Medium HeartBox™ Gallery

The "I Love You" Gift Box

"Feathers Fly".  Part of, "Black Creativity" Exhibition 2012 Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago, Ill.  Now in private collection. Photo by Pablo Robles.
HeartBox is designed to hold heartfelt, inspirational messages on business-card-sized notes. Perfect for newlyweds, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, retirements and memorials:
Guests/Sender please write a one (or two, or three) word-from-the-heart message and place in the HeartBox.
 Receiver as you go through your life pull a message from your HeartBox whenever you feel drawn to do so.  Feel loved, empowered, inspired, blessed and honored by your friends and family.

 A HeartBox also makes a great container for jewelry and other beloved treasures.  The HeartBox is an ideal "I love you" gift from the heart.   

Now you can select a HeartBox from one of three sizes.  Because each HeartBox is one-of-a-kind and individually hand crafted one at a time measurements are approximate.  A medium HeartBox stands 5" tall, is 12" in diameter and holds about 100 messages.  

Each HeartBox™  is individually handcrafted and unique.  Exact patterning and coloration will vary.

For customization contact Kathleen at:  Type "HeartBox order" in the subject line.

"Scarification" Photo by Rene Theberge

"Falling Leaves" red, black and lemon. Photo by Pablo Robles. Private Collection

"Lime-Pink Dots" Photo by Pablo Robles

"Pink Feather" Photo by Pablo Robles

"Blue Deco" Photo by Pablo Robles

"Wedding Blue" Photo by Pablo Robles. Custom ordered. Private collection

"Ashanti Samurai". Photo by Pablo Robles.  Private collection.

For several weeks I worked on new designs for my HeartBox Series.   Here is the design created for my out-of-town son and his family for Christmas.  Local family members wrote heart-felt messages, inserted them in the box then off it went to our loved ones far away.
Pa & Ma side
Kid's side
 "Mrs. President"




Side 2
"WhitePink Lace"
Side 1

"Griot, The Story Teller" Private collection

"For Her Service" Private collection
To recognize service on the Human Rights Commission I created this HeartBox based on a Commissioners story of time spent in Kenya.

"SSS Bustier" Exhibited at Nina's Nook Gallery


"Gold, Brown Feather"

"Turquoise & Sunflowers". Custom ordered. Private collection.

"Red Heart of Hearts"

"Small Wonders at the Louisa Gould Gallery"

“The show’s most unique gift items come from an artist who is new to the gallery this year. Kathleen DeQuence Anderson creates polymer clay figures in the shape of standing hearts. Each is decorated in highly creative original patterns, some with beads and other adornments. Each figure functions as a box — the top comes off to reveal a tiny stash space big enough for a special message or keepsake. Ms. Anderson’s work has been shown in galleries across the East Coast, and she has been featured in the journal Black Art in America.”

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