The Concept

                    from a promise unfulfilled. . . . 

During monthly phone calls from my Aunt Margaret I would agree to send photos of my work. As life would have it, each month passed without me having sent a photo. Then, one day a call came through from my dad, "Aunt Margaret passed away today." Aghast and dismayed I knew I must create a piece for her.

In preparation for her funeral I decided to make a neckpiece to place on her body so she'd have something from me "on the other side." As I struggled to design the right piece I though of family members I knew would have wanted to say a final word or more to Aunt Margaret before she passed. With that thought in mind a box in the shape of a heart seemed like the perfect remembrance.

With Aunt Margaret's HeartBox just out of the oven I traveled to her funeral, shared my story with family members then watched as people intently wrote their parting messages on business-card-sized papers. With everyone's message closed into the box I placed it under Aunt Margaret's arm just before we closed her casket in preparation for her burial site.
Since that first HeartBox, I have developed the design so now each box stands upright on its own--Aunt Margaret's HeartBox lay flat. A HeartBox is also a perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, a birthday, retirement, or graduation. No need to wait to pamper loved ones with words of wisdom, love, appreciation and encouragement!