Small HeartBox™ Gallery

The "I Love You" Gift Box

"Miss Lady". Private collection

HeartBox is designed to hold heartfelt, inspirational messages on business-card-sized notes. Perfect for newlyweds, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, retirements and memorials:
Guests/Sender please write a one (or two, or three) word-from-the-heart message and place in the HeartBox.
 Receiver as you go through your life pull a message from your HeartBox whenever you feel drawn to do so.  Feel loved, empowered, inspired, blessed and honored by your friends and family.

 A HeartBox also makes a great container for jewelry and other beloved treasures.  The HeartBox is an ideal "I love you" gift from the heart.   

Now you can select a HeartBox from one of three sizes.  Because each HeartBox is one-of-a-kind and individually hand crafted one at a time measurements are approximate. A small HeartBox stands 3" tall, is 8" in diameter and holds 20+   messages. 

Each HeartBox™  is individually handcrafted and unique.  Exact patterning and coloration will vary.

For customization contact Kathleen at:  Type "HeartBox order" in the subject line.

"Crowned One"


"Kente Red"
"Pink Gamay"     
side one                                                    side two

"Rose Red" Private collection
    front                                                             back
"Silver Blue"

“Ms. Lady". In private collection


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